Friday, December 17, 2010

Fast now furious

Have you seen the calendars that have the date and a message for each day in them? I happen to have one on my desk (given to me by one of my good friends when he left the country) and today it reads "After a point in time, people will not remember how fast you did something, but they will remember how well you did it"

I just want to ask the person who wrote it if he ever worked in a job that had tight deadlines. Then he might know the importance of doing something fast. I agree doing something well is very important but in a lot of occasions, doing something fast is also translated as doing something well. I sometimes get real mad at people who do things well very slowly as i really think your speed to a certain extent reflects your expertise.

I guess it is all about morphing according to the needs of time.

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Sastry said...

The quote begins with "After a Point in time....". This clearly means that the point in Time refers to the PRoject deadline. Once that has been met, ppl only care for quality and not the time and from the next project onwards, the deadline is moved to reflect the increased expertise and meeting it is the minimum :) So the quote is still true.