Thursday, December 23, 2010

Going Postal

I guess with that, i complete the list of Pratchett books I wanted to read. I hate to admit it but it was a slight letdown. True, it was funny and there were some really cynical instances, but i guess I would rank it close to the lowest among his books.

The plot revolves around the attempts of a condemned man saved from certain death by hanging and given the duty of running a post office in Ankh Morpork. Somehow, I couldnt connect too much to Moist Von Lipwig like i did to say Carrot or Esme Weatherwax from the other books. Another one of life's lessons that the best does not always churn out the best.

 I have finally overcome my obsession with Pratchett (or so i think ) and i am now wondering whom to start reading now.

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