Tuesday, January 18, 2011

13 spices

I am not one to fall for superstition too easily. I  never thought 13 was an unlucky number. That is, until last sunday when i chanced to revisit what I once felt was a good restaurant. The last time i went there, i loved the paneer dish. I have been wanting to go back but each time something else came up and I was not able to. Sunday we enter the empty restaurant and are lured by their 20 dish buffet. On being asked as to what the 20 dishes were, the waiter disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a hand written list of 17 dishes. Though disappointed, we were too hungry to care and told him we would prefer the buffet. We were informed that the starters and the soup would be served in our table. As both of us had a slight cold, we asked for hot water. Bang on the 10th minute, cold water came and the waiter argued that it had been hot. We sent it back and were rewarded with really luke warm water. 20 mins had passed and there was no sign of soup or the starter. There were one more couple who had just come in and they were giving each other long romantic looks and dint seem to care about the lack of menu or service.
When we asked the waiter for the food he reassured us that he will try his best to serve us. I dont know how they survive with such a pathetic excuse for service. We simply left the place and thanked our lucky stars that we dint have to eat in such a horrible place. 13 was an unlucky number.

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Sastry said...

13 is an unlucky number