Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The chosen one - Sam Bourne

I seriously wish I had not chosen that one out of the thousands available in Landmark. I am always proud of the fact that i complete books i begin. This book however has the distinction of not being completed by me.Considering the fact that i decided to sit and count stars as opposed to read the book, just accept that I aint kidding around when i say it was damn boring and crappy.

I dont know why people called him the next Dan Brown. That should have set warning bells in my head as Dan Brown's latest was very bad to say the least. I did not enjoy a minute of the book and I am seriously contemplating suing the author for making me waste a well deserved holiday.

We really do need people who can write better else all we can hope for is that God will save the world of books I have so come to love.

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Sastry said...

All is well :P