Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guilty or innocent

I have often heard people say "Innocent until proven guilty" and i seriously wonder, is that the right attitude to take? Don't we let our guard down when we consider the best in someone? Isnt that the scenario when the not so good things about you come out in the open? I was thinking earlier today that " Guilty until proven innocent" would work better when we are faced with a new scenario. The best in it is what hits you immediately while the bad things take a while to sink in. What could be simple bad ends up being worse for simply the height from which your expectations falls is more. I am just thinking if in the process of taking the guilty to be innocent, I start viewing the world in a negative light. Why is it so easy to have an opinion and so difficult to not have one? I can only wonder.

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Sastry said...

I think you need some rest :P

Guilty or not guilty is not based on in dividual situations.., Would be comfortable even if a person who has been guilty on several occassions is actually innocent now... Its better to have a holistic view of the person