Thursday, January 13, 2011

A happy journey

I complain a lot. About the roads, about people, about authors and about everything possible. For a change, I am going to praise something. You know, from when i was a kid, I never accepted food from strangers. There is some wisdom in all the warnings we see in railway stations were they mention that the food might be drugged.

On Monday, I reached the railway station quite late as I had to bid goodbye to a lot of people (quite sad really, but then life is full of surprises) I did not have my dinner and I was quite hungry and exhausted to say the least. I hurried to my compartment and got talking to a very smart lady. She was travelling with her mother and sister and she kept complaining about the stink from the toilets. She was even sweet enough to give me a scented tissue, which of course, i could not accept as i thought it could be drugged. The next thing, the canteen guys come around with food and I did not get any thing I wanted. All they had was some egg biryani and I dont eat non veg.

Looking at my dilemma they offered to share their food which their sister would be sending across at the next station. I was not too sure of this and refused politely. I went back to listening to my Ipod and in the next station, the food came. Despite my refusals, they put it out for me in a plate and started eating. I ended up eating delicious home made idlis with coconut chutney. It wasnt drugged and for a change, they were really nice people. I guess in life you get a lot of blessings in disguise and on monday, they were mine. It was a very happy journey. Thank you wherever you are.

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Sastry said...

my coconut chutney v2 turned out to be a disaster... tasted like concentrated sea water :)