Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Manmadhan Ambu

I am not a huge fan of Kamal Hassan. But during the festive new year season, you do feel like celebrating a lot and you get attacks of madness. Melodrama from the beginning to the end. Thats all this movie is about. An unrelated cancer patient for whom the hero goes out of his way to snoop on the fiance of a rich business tycoon (played by the only decent actor in the movie. Madhavan) This is easily one of Kamal's worst movies and till the last scene of the movie, you wonder what it is that he is trying to convey. Is it

1) Jealousy is bad?!
2) Friends are supposed to be there for each other no matter what?
3) He is Gandhi's reincarnation?

I cant get it. There were a few decent scenes in the movie, but i would not recommend you to watch it as it seriously is not worth the trouble.

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Raji said...

thanks for the review, buti do wish you would recommend some movies for watching! I recommend u watch "City of Gods" I loved it