Friday, January 28, 2011

Of brands and non brands

Location : Kalmane Koffee, Forum
Day : A sunday evening

I dont even have to tell you that the place was damn crowded. Considering its one of the very few places where you get coffee thats not too expensive, it is quite expected. I was sitting on the couch wearing some silly dress I had gotten eons ago and to which I am so attached that I dont have the heart to throw it away. A girl comes up to me with a form and asks me to fill it up. School project she tells me. A student in one of the many fancy schools that dot bangalore. The questionnaire is about brand awareness and it has questions about how you value a brand and whether you buy branded stuff more than the other non branded ones and which item is important to a shopper. FIrstly, I was surprised that a school kid was trying to get the data from strangers in the mall and secondly I was a little taken aback at the questions. I guess I belong to a really older generation now.

The incident set me thinking about the brand valued society we see around us. (or atleast i see). How much difference is actually there, apart from the style between a local madurai shirt and a Peter England(say) Shouldnt the textile industry in the country concentrate on coming up with better styles indegenously than blindly go for the big brands and sell things at a premium? I was once a small town girl who seldom bought brands. But 3 years of working in the corporate world has its effects and i do buy some branded stuff now, mainly because of the lack of style and looks and the lack of patience to surf and identify good things in the non branded ones. I just hope that somebody somewhere has a brilliant idea and that we start getting good things without having to pay a premium just to stand apart or rather, just to blend in.

I would love to write more about this topic. I think I am going to start thinking more in these lines.

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