Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Of resolutions and reminders

  1. To eat atleast one fruit a day
  2. To avoid conflicts whenever possible. With a temper like mine, it is sometimes difficult to control my emotions when i am provoked.
  3. To keep in touch with those who matter. Atleast mail once a week.
  4. Write the book i claim i have been working on. I have 3 ideas. Should atleast expand on one. :)
  5. Go on a vacation to singapore. :D
  6. Lose 10% of my body weight. (Somehow 10% sounds better than the actual number. :) )
  7. Be positive and happy. Remember life is all about living than grumbling
  8. Get my licence (This is cheating in a way because i know i would get mine. But putting it up as a resolution is a good way to ensure i would atleast get 10% in my resolution rank card)
  9. Reduce eating out. (For someone like me who frequents fancy/weird restaurants 2-3 times a week, this is a toughie. Of course the direct result of this over a period of time would help resolution 6)
  10. Join a gym. Or atleast get exercise equipment at home like mom. (Using it would be the next resolution. Again part of point 6. But this is a long term fitness goal.)
These were the ten things in my to do list for 2010. As i try to evaluate the same, i guess I have succeded in around 60% completion rate. Man am I glad. :D

Apart from the singapore trip that did not happen, I have no intention of revealing what the other three are. :)

Also in 2011, I resolve to live and let live. :D No other resolution. How about it?!

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