Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have to thank Jinny for this one. We were strolling around in koramangala on friday night and ended up near this place. She recommended it and we went there for dinner. It was such a whole some meal! There were seven dishes, served in a particular order to enhace the medicinal properties. Eating healthy was never tastier.

1. Soup - it had aswagandha among other things and it was quite different in a nice way. A very good beginning to a meal i would say.
2. Peanut sauce based salad. : The salad had fresh crispy vegetables with bell peppers and really awesome sauce. It was served in a single plate along with the other dish that is the Yam patty.
3. Yam tikki : The tikki was made of yam and never have i liked the vegetable so much in a dish. The way the starters were served made me want to eat more and eat properly.
4. Grape juice with coconut milk : This was supposed to be a palate cleanser and it came with a little ginger and palm candy. Awesome would be an under statement to describe its taste.
5. Main course : Jolada roti stuffed with aloo and sprouts with radish curry. The curry had a coconut base and it was quite well made. I am not a great fan of Radish and usually avoid the vegetable. For the first time, i had the full side dish. Now that should tell you how it actually was.
6. Oats kheer with Almond Falooda : This was an awesome way to use Oats. Sweet in the right proportion and it had loads of fruits to make sure it was healthy also.
7. Ginger coffee : A very good finish to a wonderful meal.

I would recommend this place to everyone. It is worth a visit at least once. However, if you are the kind of person who would want a nice indulgent meal, I am not sure how much you would like this place. It does cater to the taste buds well though. They also have a dosa festival in the nights and I am looking forward to going to the same. 


Sastry said...

When I read the title, i thought you were referring to a special kind of crow called Sanjeevini Crow (i translated it literally from telugu).. The sighting of this crow is considered to be a very good omen... and it got its name because it is believed that its nest has a twig of the msytical herb called Sanjeevini, which cures all kinds of diseases... I thought that you finally found it :P

Raji said...

Hayyo magale hayyo! eppidi ippidi sappattu payithiyama unna valartheno!