Sunday, February 20, 2011


I hope what they say is true
That beauty doth lie
in the eye of the beholder..

Sometimes i wonder why
that truths remain easily forgotten
Millions and millions are spent
in trying to beautify what can be seen
forgetting that always
what can be felt
makes all the difference.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And the countdown begins

Well, it had to sometime. There are hardly a few days left and I am still busy running around for one thing or another. I just hope it all ends soon and I can finally get some peace though this particular stage I am about to enter is associated with the loss of it. :)

Saturday, February 05, 2011


This is yet another travel related post. A little different as it is about what happened before the travel began. I usually take the airavat from near Christ college in bangalore. Almost all the buses going via hosur stop there to pick up passengers. Yesterday, when I was taking the U turn, we realised the traffic was blocked from one signal to the next. I got down from the vehicle and ran in the road to reach the bus stop. I notice that there is one bus parked near the bus stand thats obstructing the traffic. Unable to stop in the stand, other buses were picking passengers from the middle of the road and taking their own sweet time establishing identities and trying to fill the bus. I was just watching the drama and for want of a better word, the only thing i have to say about citizens of our country is irresponsible.

There were people painting the divider black and white and cordoning off another small area effectively reducing the space available for movement. Thankfully a single traffic constable came and tried his best to make vehicles move in a single file and asked them to park a little ahead of the bus stop. Even then, there was this bus going to villupuram that stopped behind the broken down bus and waited for some idiot who was not in the stop at 11 for a 9.30 bus. It was waiting there for 10 mins and effectively blocking the road. The poor constable just stood a little ahead going forward and started diverting the vehicles.

The icing on the cake was the driver and the conductor of the bus that was causing all this trouble were sleeping inside. I don't know whats the procedure to remove buses with issues, but whatever it is the process has to be made faster. 1.30 hours and there was no relief at hand.

Travel woes

I should have written this last week. However, I was so tired and hung over that I did not have the energy to write it. These are probably the only times when such attention is going to be lavished on me. I am enjoying the whole process. I had gone to chennai last week to my grandma's house.It was probably one of my best visits to the city i dont like too much. I was coming back in a day bus from Parveen travels. Warning bells should have rung in my head when the bus that was scheduled to arrive in adyar dint arrive till 1. I was too happy to get some time talking to my aunts that i dint mind. Until i got into the bus.

What followed for the next 2.5 hours was a torture routine with a Vijaykant movie blasting in full volume. Thankfully other passengers made the driver reduce the volume. I was able to read the book i had and sleep a little. The bus stopped somewhere after hosur and then for the next one hour, did not switch on the AC. It was so suffocating! I was feeling very pukish and almost vomitted in the damn bus. I did the honours near my house and vowed to never travel by Parveen ever again. I have complained about the same and I still dont understand how they can get away from not switching on the AC in an AC bus. GOD SAVE THE WORLD from such money minded idiots.

Thursday, February 03, 2011


I am not sure as to how many people try to have one. Seriously, in a very hectic world, it is almost impossible to set a routine and stick to it without hurting/irritating not just the rest of the world but also yourself.

I shifted organizations recently and I was hoping to settle down into a nice routine. But fate my friend had different plans and now I am just stuck without one. I do try to have my meals at least on time but even that doesnt always happen because something or the other comes in the last minute and your best laid plans go down the drain.

I guess I am going through the pre transitional phase of marriage where there is something or the other coming up all the time that requires attention. I just was so lost. Last week I atleast got irritated with such things. This week, I have resigned myself to fate and left it to decide on what my supposed routine should be. I just hope the running around ends sooner than later. Rather, I hope the running around produces some results soon and doesnt just end up being so unproductive.