Thursday, February 03, 2011


I am not sure as to how many people try to have one. Seriously, in a very hectic world, it is almost impossible to set a routine and stick to it without hurting/irritating not just the rest of the world but also yourself.

I shifted organizations recently and I was hoping to settle down into a nice routine. But fate my friend had different plans and now I am just stuck without one. I do try to have my meals at least on time but even that doesnt always happen because something or the other comes in the last minute and your best laid plans go down the drain.

I guess I am going through the pre transitional phase of marriage where there is something or the other coming up all the time that requires attention. I just was so lost. Last week I atleast got irritated with such things. This week, I have resigned myself to fate and left it to decide on what my supposed routine should be. I just hope the running around ends sooner than later. Rather, I hope the running around produces some results soon and doesnt just end up being so unproductive.

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