Saturday, February 05, 2011

Travel woes

I should have written this last week. However, I was so tired and hung over that I did not have the energy to write it. These are probably the only times when such attention is going to be lavished on me. I am enjoying the whole process. I had gone to chennai last week to my grandma's house.It was probably one of my best visits to the city i dont like too much. I was coming back in a day bus from Parveen travels. Warning bells should have rung in my head when the bus that was scheduled to arrive in adyar dint arrive till 1. I was too happy to get some time talking to my aunts that i dint mind. Until i got into the bus.

What followed for the next 2.5 hours was a torture routine with a Vijaykant movie blasting in full volume. Thankfully other passengers made the driver reduce the volume. I was able to read the book i had and sleep a little. The bus stopped somewhere after hosur and then for the next one hour, did not switch on the AC. It was so suffocating! I was feeling very pukish and almost vomitted in the damn bus. I did the honours near my house and vowed to never travel by Parveen ever again. I have complained about the same and I still dont understand how they can get away from not switching on the AC in an AC bus. GOD SAVE THE WORLD from such money minded idiots.

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