Monday, March 14, 2011

500 days of summer

I have not watched a movie in a very long time. Wait. My grammar! What am i even saying?! I had not watched a movie for a very long time, until yesterday noon, all of us finally agreed to watch a movie. Now that was more difficult than you can imagine, as our tastes dint match. DCH, Aradhana, Predators, Social Network, Fahrenheit 9/11 were some movies that were discussed and later not watched. :)

500 days of summer is a damn cute romantic comedy. The non linear narrative succeeds in making it all the more interesting. The plot revolves around an architect who works for a greeting card company writing happy cards. He is a very romantic person who believes in true love and loves the movie, " The graduate". As opposed to him, Summer, doesn't believe in romance and is a level headed individual. Tom falls for Summer the day he meets her and keeps raving and ranting about her to his friends.This attraction only increases when he discovers that she likes the same band that he does.

By a twist of fate, when the office goes to a karaoke club, he gets a chance to spend time with her and they begin a relationship. While he is completely into her and is serious, he pretends that they need not label the relationship as he understands she is uncomfortable with the idea and is also uninterested in being called somebody's girlfriend.

The ups and downs of the relationship are beautifully depicted and there are a lot of comic instances in the movie. Racheal, Tom's sister ends up being more mature than him and I started liking her character a lot. As the movie progressed, my initial belief that this was a refreshingly different treatment of the usual subject of love was just strengthened and I really enjoyed the movie a lot.

I would recommend this as a good watch for someone who is mature enough to accept that the different shades of grey make this world a beautiful place to live in.

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Raji said...

hello! I was under the impression that you had already seen the film and hadn'tliked it.