Sunday, March 20, 2011

Anywhere but Croma

My last experience with croma was when I had gotten my mom an mp3 player. The service wasnt too great but since I got a nice player, I bought it and went home without having any opinion about the store. But this time, I wish I had not gone there for a microwave.
What i find very funny about the whole thing is that, the time these brilliant people take to deliver an item that is used to reduce time spent is so long!
I ordered on 10th of last week and after multiple calls and pathetic replies and being moved from one person to another, I still havent got the oven! I dont understand how such a seemingly huge chain has such a pathetic supply chain system. I would request everyone to avoid this store as 1. They dont respect your time
2. Once the payment is made, they really dont give a damn about order fulfillment
3. They are not in the least bothered about helping you before you buy either.

I wish i can go back in time and prevent the purchase I made. But now that I have ordered and I am really out of time to go around searching for another model in another store, I only can wait. However, all of you out there, dont waste your time with croma.

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