Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back with a bang

I have been off the blogging radar for quite some time now. I actually have a valid excuse. I was off getting married. In a lot of ways it has sunk in, but I am still getting used to being a Mrs. :)
Life is a bit hectic now with setting up a house where we have to combine the multiple things both of us are "attached" to and giving equal center stage to all of them. Wish me luck as i am embarking on a new journey. I wont say juggling house and work is new for me because I have been living on my own for almost 2 years before marriage and Sachin is no stranger to me. Lets see how things turn out. :) More updates to follow as and when something happens and more gyan from the master of gyan.

I am planning to steal some time and write our travelogue and our multiple adventures during and post wedding. So dont give up on me yet. :)


S said...

Ha ha! All the best. Waiting for the posts to follow ;)

Raji said...

Write before you forget all the things that happened.

Varun said...

I have given up already!