Sunday, March 27, 2011

The black swan

Dark, delightful, disturbing, deceptive and yes, deep. That is what I would like to state about this movie with Natalie Portman playing an amazing role.The movie is about a ballerina's struggle to become the major character in the production swan lake of her school and about how, once she becomes the swan queen she has trouble expressing the black and the white swan's roles at the same time.
The ballet is Swan lake, which tells the story of a princess trapped in the body of a white swan. Only true love can release the curse and she falls in love with a charming prince. However, before they can have their happily ever after story, her lustful twin, the black swan, seduces the prince and takes him away. Unable to bear the loss and accepting that her end is near, the white swan takes her life. Portman dances really beautifully and you have to bow down to an actress who has the will power to learn something like ballet to perfect the role in a movie.
Each scene in the movie is very powerful and shot from slightly disturbing angles.I loved each and every character's portrayal. Not a scene was wasted, not a shot out of place. I would not like to reveal the story here and I would urge everyone to watch this movie.
The director beautifully conveys the fact that in life, everyone has a black and a white swan within and we portray one or the other face depending on what we are faced with. It is always a struggle of expression between the two and more often than not, one is successful. Which one, is really up to us, or so it seems. 

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Raji said...

will watch it too. thanks for the review