Thursday, March 31, 2011

The capability question

Are you doing your best? Are you achieving what you are capable of? Are you getting everything possible out of your job? Are you using your degree really well? Are you planning for your higher education and moving towards the best institute you can possibly get into using all the skills and making full use of everything possible?

I am actually outlining some things people do introspect on. Some of it, even I have. This constant capability analysis however does not seem that interesting to me nowadays! In fact, it only puts me off and I get angry with myself when I wonder in those lines. My once in a while active moral side is making me ask myself , "How much of what I am capable of is actually what I want?" "How well am I able to differentiate the two?" "How much of what I am doing is simply because of some set standards about how things are supposed to be?"

I am in no way a non materialistic person. I love money and what you can get with it. But then,with time I have realised that nothing is ever enough if you don't want it to be! Once we start feeding our greed, we really don't bother about feeding anything else let alone our soul. We stop wondering what it is that we really want out of our lives and always think of maximizing our material gains and of course our status in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Last week, Sagnik and I were having one of our enlightening discussions and finally we came up with the moral that what you want is more important than what you are capable of achieving. One thing I have realised is, what you want changes with time, but then, I am always happy doing something i like doing and something I want to do, rather than doing something I am really good at but dont like doing at all!

I just hope I remember this for sometime and don't start running behind something I am supposed to run behind and forget what really matters to me. I also simply hope I continue to have the courage to do what I want even if it means me being branded crazy.


Sastry said...

I like the new background of your blog... And most importants the capability based qn!

Raji said...

I like the new background too. But you may not get what you want, if it is a really big thing that will change the world, if you don't use your capabilities to the maximum. At one point the two ideals will meet.