Monday, March 21, 2011

It is but my world

It is but a world
full of imperfections too many
No matter where, no matter how
there they are
lovingly occupying the center stage

It is but a world
revolving around the theory of perfection
This is how it is
This is what it is supposed to be

It is but a world
full of assumptions too many
dictated by rules of causality
attributing the success to the color of a dress
attributing failure to the left leg kept first

It is but a world
I have grown to love
for perfections, imperfections and assumptions
make it what it is
somehow suitable for me to live
Somehow suitable for me to exist
with imperfect assumptions
of the perfection of my life

1 comment:

Varun said...

Is it just me,or has your poetry evolved? :)