Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The journey

Away from all that was
I try to stand
and observe sans passion
the life that was

An interesting journey so far
with brilliant passengers
in the train of life

Get in some do
observing you from a distant corner
Slowly as the seats empty
you get closer
and proximity entices you
into a relationship real new

The way it came, it so disappears
over time- no animosity
just too far away emotionally
maybe, physically

The drivers change
without a wee hint
as to the frequency

Sometimes too soon when boredom
or fear sets in
Sometimes too slow
that they fade away
into a non descript background.

Some keep coming back
when you decide
what it is that actually
drives you then
Power, wisdom, money, love

Some do come back
Just to be there
Those that lead you
through those ups and downs
Those that stand by you
despite random acts
where they simply disappear

Wonder I do
which of those with me right now
might last till I reach the fag end
which ones would at least
try to show up
in the twilight of life.

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