Friday, March 25, 2011

Living without regrets

Two roads they claim diverge
somewhere sometime
I was convinced
that held good for the rest
For see I do not two roads
but multiple
each alluring for one reason
each special and each, seriously
quite very different and enticing

I choose each time, hoping
for nothing but the best
but wonder I do
about the what ifs
I am but human
an ambitious one at that
for what I have not
I do seem to want

Reality however,
has wonderful lessons to preach
when all i have to do is open my eyes
and simply look around.
Look within me
and not at those above or below,
For riches have to come
from within.
No amount of wealth
can create the joy
that self acceptance
and appreciation can.

I thank him up above
for helping me accept
that life is but what I make of it
Irrespective of what I have gained
or what I think i have lost

1 comment:

Varun said...

Beautiful.Sometimes you surprise me with your words.Maybe you should practice what you preach more often :)(I know,easier said than done and all that)