Monday, March 14, 2011


Wow! Damn! Those are my usual reactions whenever i revisit my older diaries or my over active mind. I have an awesome and an awful  memory. I say this because like in Pay check, there are some time frames of my life which have been completely erased from my mind. However, I have discovered that one way to remember things, believe it or not is by food. Incidents which happen in restaurants or which revolve around food in one form or another have never ever been forgotten by me. Infact, I still remember the taste of food in some places and what someone cooked when i went to visit. Call that strange and yes, call me a foodie, which is what my husband said after listening to me rave about some rabdi i had in bits ages ago, but the truth is that, the easiest way to reach my heart is through food. :)

I was thinking about the last two years and I realised, I have been having such an awesome time! And, I finally got a point to save myself from being called a foodie. I just have to read this blog and all those things come back to me. Things which made me write what I wrote. So i guess now I can be called a writer, someone who preserves things for eternity using words. THat is exactly the reason why I am now so intent on reviving this blog because I want to preserve my memories safely, in some place apart from my already loaded brain. :)

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Varun said...

A Pensieve.That's what you need.