Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Settling down

A random hindi song plays in the background and I am sitting in front of my laptop of two years typing away to glory after making yummy bajjis (pics to follow) for dinner. I look up and I see our pictures (the ones we had spent so much time selecting and printing) in the newly acquired photoframe.
The hall around is familiar yet still new, familiar as there are those multiple books and other knick knacks I have lovingly collected over the years and new because there are things that belong to someone else alongside them and it is no longer about me, but about us. Its not completely strange because I married the guy i fell madly in love with and I knew it was going to be so, but then, reality is in someways better and some ways a let down compared to your imagination. I am happy and very much in love (which surprises a lot of people) and looking forward to settling down. :)


Raji said...

looking forward a? you are already there!

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Not completely. Lot of things to be completed before the house is fully set up. :)

Varun said...

sweet! How's the little book reading space in the balcony behind shaping up?