Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unstably stable

Stability i see a lot seek
Stability in a job
Stability in relationships
Stability in everything where it is possible

Sometimes I wonder if the illusion of stability in a predominantly transient and unstable world is what makes life so interesting. Of course, the important things have to be stable, but more often than not, these are the things that arent. I am now contemplating, how transient one's friends actually are. No. I am not playing a blame game here though i would love to, i simply know that in reality, you cant blame just one person for a relationship's death. One might be a little more responsible than the other, but thats about it. :)

I was looking at older albums and I realized that the faces which are smiling with me in the photos change so much over the period of years and frankly I have to accept that I had as much fun with one as with the other! I think the moral I am trying to bring out here is that relationships dont fail, they just fade away. :) I am thankful for the role each and everyone of my (so called) friends have played in shaping my life (i have to admit it! Everyone has a role to play) and in making me who i am today, one way or the other. No matter how much i try to refuse, the fact is I am glad what stayed stayed and what disappeared went away. Thank God for expiry dates, Thank God for medicines which work till they dont expire. :) (I would rather not comment about some I am allergic to)

It is all about the stability of the unstable. (If you get what I mean.)

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