Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who will cry when you die

I started on this one because frankly, i was bored with fantasy and thrillers and wanted to read something apart from that. Fooled by randomness was a bit heavy for me, so i zeroed in on this one. Frankly, there are some well known life truths in the book, but I am not too happy or delighted with the way the book has been written. There are some 101 lessons on small things you can do to improve your life and its quality, but I am not sure as to how much of it you can actually do, or how qualified the author is to give such an advice.

Apart from that nagging doubt, since i subscribe to this philosophy of appreciating wisdom for what it is without bothering about the source, I liked parts of the book and I am trying to incorporate those changes in my life. A good read if you dont have too much read and if you need to take your mind off the routine and also search for meaning.

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