Thursday, April 07, 2011


Up above lies the abode of my dreams
Stuck in a mortal bond, my sould does seek
a simple and peaceful liberation

Ah, what but pleasure would abound when
fly I do in the endless skies
What but freedom would I have?

A life filled with decisions
uninfluenced by mere individuals
A life filled with just my self

Wonder i do if happen it would
any time too soon
I look around the bonds that hold me down

Try i do in vain to cut them all away
Realisation has dawned long ago
One bond is still a bond too many

Just one wish,even a meager desire
is a wish too many
For no matter what, interconnected our world is

With birds wings causing hurricanes
It is but sad that just one link
can weave itself into a huge net of enslavement

Freedom i seek
Independence i wish for
However, humans are but dependent creatures

Come what may
on something or the other
More often than not, bound by love

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