Saturday, April 16, 2011

The judas strain - James rollins

I remember a friend of mine reading this book a few years ago. As i wanted to move out of the realm of fantasy and expand the scope of authors i read, i had picked up this book in Oxford. Seriously, I regret the decision. I am no stranger to thrillers and Forsyth is like one of my favorite authors. This books somehow had something missing. It was really too slow in the beginning and once the story got going, i frankly think the author forgot where he was coming from. I am not saying it is haphazard or the plot is uninteresting. The book is just badly written combining the writing styles of multiple authors.

The plot revolves around a strange bacterial outbreak near Indonesia. This incident is clubbed with Vasco da gama's expedition and we have two opposing groups working together (with or without choice). There are a couple of scientists trying to understand the disease and save the world and we have a group chasing through history and trying to solve the missing pieces in Vascodagama's exploits. I guess reading Dan Brown has put me off these kind of books. I did not enjoy it and I forced myself to finish it as I usually cannot rest until i have finished a book completely.I shall try revisiting this book a few years later and see if i still feel the same about it. Afterall, James Rollins could not have sold so many copies had he been that bad. (It is a different issue that Chetan Bhagat is a best selling author. Sigh!!!)


Sastry said...

poor harini... you should start reading books by the most happening author right now called NMS. His latest book called "Lessons in life" is arguably the best in my humble opinion!

Sastry said...

Start searching for that author!

Harini Padmanabhan said...

I know that author mallik. I thought he wrote only economic treatises?!