Friday, April 22, 2011

NH - 8

This is not a post about the National Highway. As much as both of us love traveling, we haven't driven down that road yet. :)

This is the catchy name of a restaurant in Bangalore. To be specific, in Indira Nagar. We landed up here today for lunch. As i love making lists, let me make a 8 point list about this place.

1. It is a place which tries to ape Rajdhani and fails miserably in some aspects. For eg, the service. We had to wait for close to 20 mins and though there were a few free tables, we could not sit in any as they had not cleaned the same. We were on the verge of leaving when we finally got a seat
2. We realized the service inside the restaurant was pathetic as well. We had to wait for a few more minutes to get the plates and the waiters did not even know what was in their own menu. Either that or they could not communicate to us.
3. The dhoklas were lovely and so was the dal bhati and churma.
4. The sabjis had too much oil and that was one thing I could not take! The waiters again were badly trained and did not understand many of our requests. They poured ghee when we refused it, they gave us a different dish when we asked for something else and of course they did not even want to serve the jal jeera!
5. The jal jeera and the chaas was lovely! Period.
6. I would still go with Chowka which is in Tippasandra as their service is much better. Food is also slightly better. The only flip-side is that the ambiance in Chowka is not so good
7. Continuing from the last point. The ambiance is good. It could be simply because they are still a new restaurant and things haven't started getting dirty yet.
8. I like their tipping system where you can place your tips in a box near the counter. Also, no hidden charges. It is 199 inclusive of tax per plate.

 I doubt if they can sustain too long though as just a kilometer away is chowka with a cheaper pricing and better service. They have to improve their service if they want to last!!

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