Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Of wealth and invention

I think I am going back to school. Or maybe, i should accept that the best lessons i learned in my life were in school. Health is wealth. Or so they told me then. They also taught me or rather made me have a regulated routine where i had to have enough nourishment in the right time for otherwise, i could not go through the rigors of school. I forgot about this message for quite sometime when i was in college and when i started my corporate career. I ate whatever i could get my hands on, i slept at odd hours, i did not have any routine and i simply enjoyed my life. I loved every minute of it.(most of the time). For isn't it always good to sleep till 1 when you feel like it? 

A few months ago, i moved into a new company. I could no longer sleep till 12 as i was in office by 10 or worst case 11. So, i also had to bid goodbye to my habit of staying up late in the night and make up for the lost sleep in the day time. I could not skip meals and I did not like the cafeteria food too much so i started making most meals at home. (in the previous place, i did cook everyday, but i skipped breakfast as i felt i did  not need it)

I did not think that i would feel the difference so soon. I expected that such things will only affect me when i am old. :D  I feel more energetic and my productivity is higher. Though i still sleep anywhere from 8-9 hours, I have a decent amount of time at my disposal. In more ways than one, I am really glad for this regulated life style and all the more happy that I did not have to suffer too much to  make the change.

The more i see people skipping meals and eating junk, i realize that the sad part about earning a decent amount of money(considering most people are below the poverty line, anyone making even 2lpa is earning a lot, relatively) is that it makes you lazy and gives you the confidence that you can buy convenience. We fall prey to the multiple advertisements we see and soon forget that the taste matters as much as the convenience and that the real wealth is actually health.

We spend a lot of what we earn and invest in nothing but bad calories. I am thankful for my wake up call and I really hope others get theirs soon.

And yeah, talking about school lessons, the moral of this story definitely is " Necessity is the mother of invention."

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Sastry said...

I think Convenience is more important than eating tasty food.