Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stop Complaining!!!

Life, my friend has taught me a lot of interesting lessons lately. The one on top of my mind is the one part where people keep changing. Rather, should i say, they dont but what you are in their life changes along with their behaviour towards you and if you are dumb enough to not recognize it, you are in deep trouble. When relationships sour, it brings out the worst even in the best of people. I am unfortunately discovering this aspect of life now. I hate to admit that I am wrong. But one thing i am sure i was wrong about was my belief about a few relationships. I am not going to give out sob stories in the blog. I usually restrict really personal conversation to gtalk or skype. When you think about it though, sharing ideas is as personal as you can get and that also leads one into trouble. :D

Anyways, getting back to what i initially wanted to write about, I am of the opinion that we should somehow conquer the negatives in our life with the positives. Get rid of bitterness - that is now the point i am trying to make here. More often than not, this quality is worse than pride as it simply swallows you and envelops every part of your life. Negative energy can simply over ride all the positives. If this book I was recently reading is to be believed, to counteract every negative thought and to bring back equilibrium, you should think of 2.5 positive thoughts! Don't ask me how they got that number. I don't completely believe it, but i believe in the idea behind it.

I was making a list of instances when i was bitter/angry in a day. When the traffic is bad in the morning, if my maid is late, if my phone switches off, if i have to do something i don't want to do, the list is endless. I similarly tried to identify positive instances/perks in a day and as usual realised, it is almost equal to the negative ones! So today, I have decided to be more consciously positive about life (I am supposed to be an optimist!!!) and stop complaining. For unless that happens, i guess the living part will never begin. Earlier, my blogs used to be morose and almost all my stories sad. I made an effort and now it is better(I am being relative here !!). I am just motivating myself with that as an example.

I am also writing this blog as a public reminder to be more positive about life in general. Someday I hope i can see the change. :)

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Raji said...

hmmm! have personally seen that happen!!! negative energy takes you you nothing