Thursday, April 21, 2011


I love animation movies!!!I had wanted to watch this movie when this came out but with the marriage and job shift, somehow, i did not. I got a really good print and watched this movie today evening. I loved it!

The story is of a princess taken away at birth by a woman who doesn't want to lose her youth. Wait what does the princess have to do with her youth? Well, the princess's mom, the queen was saved by this flower from her deathbed and the flower can cure diseases and prolong a person's life. It was formed from a ray of sunshine that fell on the earth! This evil lady had been using the flower to prolong her life and with it taken away, she becomes really grumpy and angry and takes the princess away. She brings her up as her own daughter and whenever she sings to her and the princess's hair glows and she becomes young immediately. Wish i had this flower!!!

The princess is locked away in a tower by the evil lady who convinces her that it is for her best. However, a lie cant last too long and the princess badly wants to see the lanterns that are let out on her birthday. (Really dumb and evil lady does not change the birthday!!! Sigh). The mother refuses and she is heartbroken. A local thief, escaping with her crown accidentally stumbles upon her tower when being chased by a horse (yes, a horse. the cutest character if you ask me) and the princess like all women decides to use him as her ticket to freedom. She hides the crown and bribes him to take her along to see the lights and promises the crown to him once they return to her tower.

What follows after that is a really beautiful animation adventure. It has all the ingredients for a brilliant fairy tale. There is an evil lady lurking in the background, goodness to be found in the most unlikely of places (a tavern!), a beautiful heroine and of course a knight in shining armour. I enjoyed the movie viewing experience and disappointed i could not catch it in 3d. :(

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Raji said...

Bring it home. BTW I didnt read the post coz i dont want to know the story.