Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things i love about flipkart

First things first, I am not into marketing for flipkart. But seriously, I am a great admirer of the service and the site. Also, it has been quite a long time since i started writing down things in points. I thought i might as well list down the 4 things i like about flipkart

1. Web site design : They have a lovely, intelligent (yes, that is the right word), user friendly website which loads quite fast even in slow connections and it is quite easy to search for things in the site. Best thing is their algo which remembers what you had looked for previously and intelligently suggesting similar books. (I know someone is going to give a wise crack about other sites which do this, but then this post is about flipkart, so!

2. Prompt delivery : You order the books and they let you know exactly how long you have to wait. The delivery is good and in case there are issues, they let you know in advance.

3. Choice : They really have a brilliant collection. I have been able to find books unavailable in landmark, crossword and of course oxford

4. Convenience : I get to do things without stepping out of the house!! I trust their service enough to know that I am going to get the right book in the right paper ( I am finicky about the paper a book is printed in) right when i need it most. :)

Overall, this contributes to a wonderful shopping experience. I love flipkart !!!


Sastry said...

And the founder of Flipkar worked with Amazon!

Varun said...

When is your job interview with them ;-)

ashwinonblog said...

7 reasons why i love flipkart - http://bit.ly/nKXrHe

Admin said...

I think till now Flipkart has done wonderfully well. However, it'll be interesting to know how they react now that Amazon has made it's intentions clear on entering India in 2012!

I have an interesting take on this