Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vivanta by Taj

I had been wanting to go to this restaurant for quite sometime. This topped the list of places i want to visit and by a strange tweak of fate we landed up there yesterday. Both of us just wanted to go out somewhere and we were driving through random roads and ultimately in an impulsive move went to Vivanta.

I really dont think that the rates are too much on the higher side. Frankly, there have been other restaurants without such a great ambience and service that have charged us more. The food was really good and the service was quite prompt. The kabab platter (veg of course) was tasty and by the time we finished our lebanese dips, we were not quite sure if we would be able to eat the main course.

We had ordered turkish pizza pides for the main course (something like an inverted calzone) and it was yummy! The best part about Taj is that there is no service charge and the taxes are included in the menu. I liked this approach from such a classy restaurant as even in places like indi joes, the tax is added as an afterthought and more often than not, you are shocked by the charge for the same. I am glad we missed the turn to hope farm yesterday. A lovely experience.

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Varun said...

place looks lovely.Treat,treat :-)