Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birthday blues

I had a lovely birthday last week. Some people made it quite unforgettable. The best things about the day

1. My beloved's gift and of course his various attempts to get it without me knowing about it. (Considering the fact that we go to the same gym and office, he had a very difficult time)
2. The multiple calls from family and friends - I was very happy to be given their time and love. :)  Everything good everything wonderful does stay back no matter what. Some relationships never change no matter how far away they are
3. The calls and messages that did not come - Well, it reminded me as to how much i have changed and what all i have possibly grown out of. A simple reminder of all that dead and gone.
4. The awesome celebration in office and the cute card -I had changed companies recently and I was very happy that people in the new office remembered my birthday and not only got a cake but also a really lovely card. :)
5. The dinner - What good is a foodies blog without mention about the special meal of the day? I was accompanied by 3 more equally crazy people to this place called Turquoise in Koramangala. The food was yummy.

Thank you all for everything. I am sure I will have a lovely year ahead.

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