Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The chosen path

This road they said,
Had not been taken before.
I knew that it was new
just for me.
Seasoned warriors must exist
who created the route sometime
maybe long long ago

I decided to believe
and simply take a beautiful plunge.
Up ahead I went with a lot of hope
The grass was greener
The life much better
till i began to look around

Ah sweet ignorance - how i miss thee
Cynical and sarcastic is now the way
I can easily look
and there i see, that
Maybe the roads differ
maybe the ends differ
but nature dear nature,
seldom does change.

You see greed, you see malice,
you see hatred, you see jealousy.
You see love, you see sacrifice
For thats the way of life.
And somewhere along the path,
it is a decision of choice
between simply the lesser of the two evils.
For evil cannot be vanquished
just simply ignored and not bowed down to.

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