Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fishes with slacking lines

If the line goes slack, the fish can spit the hook out. I heard this line in a lecture i was attending. My mind immediately painted a graphic image of a hard working fisherman who has done all the right things at the right time and then suddenly lets things go right towards the end as he is either too exhausted or because he thinks he has worked hard enough till now and the work is enough to sustain him.

Whatever the reason, he loses something he should have rightfully got. I see a lot of smart people who are no different from the fisherman. They want the hard work they did in the initial years of their life to take care fo them for the rest of their life. They dont want to work anymore.

I somehow cannot accept that. What is the point on riding on a wave of past glory? Isnt who you are right now more important? I subscribe to the philosophy that a man/woman who cannot identify areas of improvement and learning has given up the line even if the fish is caught. :)

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