Sunday, May 08, 2011

Jaadugar Anand

I last watched a magic show as a kid and after i went to college and became the cynical "You know what, i know how that is done", i never bothered to go to one. However, yesterday was different. Jaadugar Anand was in town and I went to watch his show with two other grown up kids and a small one.

I liked most of it! I was surprised because i thought that the disbelieving me would not enjoy it as much. The show was good. The only flipside being the location, the townhall with its broken handles and slightly uncomfortable chairs. :)

The magician was a show man and was exaggerative at places. But above all, it was one evening when i went back to being a kid again. (Not that i ever was one according to my mom) It was magical (atleast some parts of it. :) ) 

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