Saturday, May 21, 2011

Letting go

Our paths crossed
In more ways than one
I attach you not with a name or a face
but just the thought
of someone or something i someday did trust
All of you together as just one
That someday did mean a lot

Of a million dreams or even one
that you made me have
Of all the hours i spent
happy, sad or just emotionless
I forget not
I remember everything
small and big
I remember most instances
that made a difference then

Now all I have are those memories
For life my friend has taken us
through separate paths
A few i lost recently
A few ways parted long back
But what is long
in a really short life
I do wonder

I realized long back
that let go of all
I never can
Neither can i forgive
Nor can i forget
A betrayal of trust

I care not whether it was known
or unknown
For all i know
was the sense of loss
the sense of utter and complete betrayal
I know not all your stories
Maybe i wish i did.

I want not to turn back time
Seldom does it achieve anything
I just want to leave my mark
in places that matter
and not look back and regret
the ways that parted

I want to let go
I really do
I want not demons from a long lost past
I want not angels forgotten and abandoned
I just want the present
and the sense to make the best
of what can be the future.

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S said...

Sweet! Well, maybe not the most appropriate word for a response :)