Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Disclaimer : I love music and i love food.

So we end in Opus for an afternoon lunch, because of the two points mentioned above.To be nice and fair, let me just list the five things i did not like about the place or rather that put me off that day noon.

1. Service : As we had not opted for the have all you want buffet, nobody even bothered to attend to us. We had to scream ourselves hoarse before someone came to our aid
2. Loud Music : well, you know why had to scream hoarse now! I cannot take it when someone screws up Hotel California without a second thought and calls it good music. I just want to go and kill all those involved
3. Overpriced food : For vegetarians the choice was either potato, paneer or mushroom. If you are health conscious, there is nothing you can eat here! Most good restaurants have something on their menu for people who are health conscious. This one does not even try.
4. Eating in the heat is not at all cool. The restaurant was quite hot!!
5. Location : Once you cross all that traffic and get over to that place, and then after eating you get out and weave through those crazy roads, you will understand why i am saying this.

But then let me also list some 3 things that maybe someone else who goes there at a better time and place might like

1. Rs.888 and you can eat and drink all you want. You get stuff like pork and beef. Well, if you are a non vegetarian who also drinks, this could be heaven for you.
2. Good music or perhaps the chance to sing along with a karaoke machine
3. The chance to spend long hours listening to good music and just sit and do nothing in a cool place with a good ambience

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