Monday, May 23, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean : On stranger tides

I love Johnny Depp. He is one of those heroes whose most movies I have liked or so I thought until a fateful Saturday.

I had to sit through the horror that was POTC 4. I really liked the previous movies in the series and I am even guilty of watching a few scenes multiple times to enjoy every thing about it. But this movie, was a big let down. 4 major reasons why :
1. You dont have most of the characters who gave a wonderful flavour to the other parts : I missed Will Turner, The black pearl and of course the flying dutchman. The magic in the current ship was so lame! Not to mention the captain and his so called first mate. Penelope Cruz has been wasted in this movie.
2. You dont have a gripping story line : So you want to find the fountain of youth. Why cant you have a gripping story line around it?! Characters pop in from the middle of nowhere and you can easily predict what is going to happen in the next scene. What happens in the fountain of  youth seems like something copied from a cheesy romantic flick. Sigh.
3. You dont have stunning action scenes : I was really sad to see pathetic action scenes.When Jack Sparrow meets Jack Sparrow, there could have been a lot more action. The part where Jack escapes from the English was ok, but it was complete downhill from there on.
4. Wit and Sarcasm - what is that?! I guess the director got bored with having too many smart dialogues in the previous parts that he decided to do away with all but a few of them in this part.

This was definitely a strange tide for one of my favorite series. I really hope they recover because the last scene shows the possibility of a sequel. I can only wish for it to be better than this one!

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