Sunday, May 08, 2011


I love movies with happy endings and musicals with a lot of energy. Rio is both. The story is about a bird raised from birth by a human. He is the last male of his species and he is taken to Rio to mate with the last female, Jewel. The two do not get along as Jewel is a fierce and highly independent bird wishing for freedom while our hero blu loves his owner and his captivity. They are kidnapped by the bird smugglers and escape from their clutches.
However, they are still chained together and jewel cannot fly away to her rain forests as she is tied to the flightless blu. We follow the two on their journey to remove the chain and also watch as Blu falls more in love with a now responsive jewel.
The 3D effects were quite decent and i loved the songs in the movie. I would recommend this one heartily for a nice peaceful happy watch. Lovely movie with good visuals. 

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