Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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I have been meaning to watch this movie for quite sometime. But then, something or the other has prevented that from happening. Today, i watched the movie and I have to admit, it is really well made. It brings out a different aspect of a celebrity and somehow i find it more believable. When someone becomes famous, we tend to praise him to the skies or talk about his struggles and usually forget how nasty he was or how many people he forgot in his climb to succeed.

The plot follows Mark's phenomenal rise to success. The story keeps alternating between the past and the present and it is well written. The dialogues are witty and the director tries to depict college life. Some things are of course exaggerated, but considering that most of the scenes stick to the original story, the movie is quite enjoyable.

The movie is not just well made, it also has a nice story line. The screen play is very good and makes sure that you are concentrating on what is happening in the screen. I would recommend it as a one time watch.

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Raji said...

send the movie to me plz