Sunday, May 08, 2011

Source code

Someone above really is angry with me. Or should I say wants to egg me on to write? I watched source code last week and I did not like it much. I also, did not want to write a review about the same. But as luck would have had it, i went to watch the same movie again with my team and so i am forced to write about it in detail.

I am sure that a lot of you would want to watch the movie so i would not comment about the story as such. The main crux is this. The hero is a army helicopter captain who is part of a program called the source code which involves him travelling into the past to glean more details about the same. He can stay only for 8 minutes and in that the objective of the program is get as much information as possible.

We watch the struggle of the hero to understand what happened to him and his desire to save the world(the second part is debatable). The movie gets boring at places and you really want his 8 minutes to end when he keeps going back and forth. The characterization is not deep enough and there are a lot of loose ends in the movie.

For a plot that was so strong and could have been more interesting, the story fails at times. I would recommend it as it is definitely much better than the other things you usually get to watch, but I would also stress on the fact that it is not a completely well made movie. It could have been made much much better. The director tries to appeal to both the intellect and the emotion and that is what i think causes the disconnect that is so obvious.

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