Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunny's - Indira Nagar

The last time i went to Sunny's, I left without even placing an order as I felt dizzy all of a sudden. We have judiciously avoided the place after that for i felt it was jinxed .Yesterday on a sudden impulse we went there for dinner and enjoyed every bit of it.

The food was well made. Starting from the tofu starter we ordered to the main course, every dish was like a work of art. The presentation, the taste and the service, all of it was flawless. I loved the baked cheese dish I had. The spinach was cooked just right and the chef had managed to bring in a medley of flavours to the dish.

The place has a nice ambience. On a sunday night, there were mostly families dining together and they were able to maintain the ambience without too much trouble. In most crowded restaurants, you inevitably are disturbed by other patrons, but here it is not the case. We were seated inside and the temperature of the room was good.

The service was quick. The dishes came quite fast and waiters appeared magically when we wanted them. We had a quiet and a peaceful dinner.

However, all nice things apart, the place is quite expensive. They charge multiple taxes on the already highly priced menu and so it does lighten your pocket considerably. But if you have a reason to celebrate, this would be the right place to. :) Do not go here if you are on a budget.

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