Thursday, June 23, 2011

Untitled - for thoughts are so difficult to organize. :)

I never thought it would all happen so fast. I mean, if you had asked me 10 years ago, i would not have known that i would have started working so quickly after college. If you had asked me 5 years ago, i would have told you that there was no way on earth i would be married in 5 years. Life however had different plans and here I am the different stages of my life passing by so fast and unable to control it. The funniest part is everything happened when i wanted it. That makes me wonder how perfect my current wishes are and how soon they are going to morph.

I just hope life goes on the way it is going right now and that I dont have to wake up from my dream too soon. I wont mind going into a state of a bigger dream though. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

The amazing maurice and his educated rodents

There was a period when i was crazy about Terry Pratchett. Hold on - i still love his books. I should rephrase it to, there was a time when i bought and finished reading the whole discworld series. I skipped the young adult books (read only Wee Free Men) though. Somehow on an impulse, i bought this one last week in blossoms on an impulse and I am glad i did.

Pratchett has made fun of the pied piper story and also brought in an element of suspense which he has successfully maintained till the end. The plot seems deceptively simple. A group of mice attain the power of speech and thought all of a sudden. The rats have hilarious names like Nourishing, Dark Tan, Dangerous beans, Peaches, HamnPork etc. They named themselves after the tins found in the garbage dump.They are led on by a cat called Maurice who can speak and is quite cunning. He goes around conning people with the group and a stupid looking boy making money with the pied piper story.

Everything goes well until they enter a town where a lot of strange things go on. This was supposed to be their last con and how this town changes their lives forms the rest of the story. The mayor's daughter Malicia offers comic relief though she gets very trying in some places. The way the rats organize themselves before each coup and how they execute their plan is quite brilliant to say the least.

Each character is well crafted. The guru - dangerous beans , the scribe - peaches, the leader - Hamnpork - them and a lot more of the characters will be remembered for quite sometime. (Come to think of it, i think they are as this book is close to 10 years old now)

The book is definitely not among his best as far as i am concerned ( I like the Death series better) but it is worth some time when you want some light hearted reading.

Plain contemplation

Sometimes I wonder
What it all boils down to
All this search
All this struggle
All the meanderings
sometimes meaningless
sometimes meaningful
and sometimes so uncategorizeable
for what is sense today
becomes superstition tomorrow
and what is superstition today
once made perfect sense

I can only hope
that make sense my assumptions do
or atleast too much nonsense
they arent
I can only pray
that tomorrow will be
as good as today is
or even if worse
i have the courage
to face the day

I wonder what is more important
the ability to seize the day
or the ability to face
the impact of the day
without being too affected
without the ego
or the hatred
that can so easily rule.

Green Lantern

I love fantasy. I watch and read a lot of fantasy. Somehow I was not aware of the story of the green lantern. When you get down to it, i am ignorant of a lot of things i am not even aware i am ignorant of. :) This movie was another impulsive watch on a saturday night.

The movie begins with a dark force that is destroying a few other alien life forms. The green lantern who protects that sector succumbs to his wounds as he identifies the creature as parralax and lands in a relatively unknown part of the universe - Earth. Our hero, is an airline pilot haunted by images of his dying father, who was a test pilot himself.  As the movie progresses, you watch as the irresponsible hero is given the important responsibility of becoming a green lantern. You watch as he struggles to come in terms with the multiple changes in his life and grows up. The first half was good. I really liked it. But then, all good things dont last and the second half becomes a contrived romantic movie.

I really think the director watched a few tamil movies before directing the second half. Seriously, this is one super hero with too many flaws and a not so great looking girl! The best part about the movie though, is the concept - the struggle between will and fear which is very nicely portrayed.Though i really like Ryan Reynolds a lot, they could have avoided making the movie a one man show. . I was hoping for more action and less of the contrived romance. But overall a decent watch.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Musically yours

There would be some song playing in the background and then there would be someone sitting in the same room and studying with full concentration. That was me when in school. Music used to help me concentrate.

In college, i lost it - the items to concentrate on rather, the interest to concentrate on them. In my first organization, no USB devices were allowed nor were streaming sites. Slowly, i lost the habit of listening to music while working.

For the last few weeks, i have been working on some new things that i have not before and then it all came back to me. The music, the songs - so much so that i have started carrying my ipod without fail to office and playing music in the mornings of my own accord. I guess somethings die hard and I am really happy to have gotten back in touch with the music lover in me. :)

Black maze

Suddenly, the road i tread,
seems all uphill
the more i push and the more i try
the farther i fall behind
Somewhere somehow
there is a huge disconnect
between what ought to be
and what is

I wonder why it is
that i am the one caught in the endless maze
Where does this road lead
Why am I here
From when am I here
I know not

All i can identify is the despair
that slowly covers
All i can see is the black
the black of sorrow
the black of death
the black of the end
and i slowly surrender to the waves that surround

Isnt it black that observes it all?
Isnt it black that can easily be lost
with a simple white drop?
I just wonder as i realise
nothing cannot be without it being.
nothing can disappear without appearing
I am thankful for all that was
and all that appeared
and somehow accept
that this too
simply has to pass - one way or the other

Nothing can last forever
and neither the black nor the white
can befriend me so easily
once i accept that all is transient.

I just regret my loss of innocence
and ability to enjoy the simple joy of a success
For cynicism somehow wins hands down.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The bottomless pit

"The cup you choose to fill has no bottom" - i heard this line in a movie very recently. Today while walking, i was looking around at the beautiful greenery around me in a still undisturbed part of the city. Right in the middle of all that was one of those big machines we use for construction and this line flashed in my head.

When are we going to stop? What is that point when we will say we have "developed" enough and concentrate on making this world a greener place to live in? The more i watch some arbit scenes from avatar the more irritated i am with the concrete jungle i live in and the constant bustle of vehicles around. Is there no place serene and unspoilt that is left for us now?

Our greed is but a bottomless pit and nothing we ever get can satisfy that. Nothing we ever achieve is going to be enough. It is all but an illusion of reality. The truth nobody can accept. Just a room more, just a cushion extra - does it give us the peace of mind we are so much in need of? I am a culprit too. I love my luxury more than anything. But once in a while i get thinking and start acting like a wannabe saviour. I console myself with the thought that atleast, i think! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pranchiyettan and the Saint

I have always had a secret liking for Mamooty. Dont ask me why. I can never explain that too well.

The story is about Francis, fondly known as Prachiyettan and his attempts at getting rid of his name - AriPranchi which has stuck to him from school. The whole movie is more of a conversation between him and St.Francis after whom he is named.

The movie apart from being funny, has some thought provoking moments as well and where i really admire the director is in his intelligence to not make the movie too preachy. I love Khushboo and I was glad to see her on screen in a good role even though she does not have too much of screen time. Most of the minor characters are well etched and though the humor is a little jarring at places, it does not get out of hand.

I guess Priyamani was cast to fulfill the role of a heroine in the movie as they had to have one. Apart from being a little longer than required, this movie is a good watch.

The robber bride - Margaret Atwood

I liked the blind assassin a lot. The book by margaret atwood i  mean. So i read the handmaids tale which was also haunting and i picked up the robber bride from Blossoms. The book is haunting. When you get down to it, it simply details a few incidents in the lives of three women whose significant other betrayed them for the same other woman - Zenia. The book starts at her funeral. In a few scenes, she is found to be alive and very much in their midst and not just in their thoughts.

The books is very well written and the character of Zenia beautifully fleshed out through thoughts. You dont know her history or for that matter her present. You just know that she is self centered and the impact she has on the three women. In each passage, you get to envision the pain, the hopelessness and the beauty that is life.

You have Roz a career woman running her own magazine, you have Charis/Karen a person a slight scatter brain looking for peace and joy and finally you have the historian Tony. Each character is so vivid and stays with you. Life like is the more appropriate word. Some of their traits might be exaggerated but their fear in losing what is left of their lives when they see Zenia and how they handle it, reveals a lot more than paragraphs that detail each of them.

A well written book though not as captivating as The Blind Assassin. A good read i would say.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Sillunu Oru Kadhal

I must come across as a wee bit outdated to write a review for this movie so many years after it was released. But the truth was i never wanted to finish watching it as i was used to HATE lying and liars.Unfortunately the world is full of them and after a few bitter experiences with so called friends, i can tolerate lying now. :)

5 reasons the movie is brilliant

1. You have a guy who doesnt want to get married and just 5 seconds later, he is happily married with a kid. No explanations period. How or why they reconciled and how they are able to live with each other
2. He names his kid after his ex girlfriend whom his wife doesnt know about and when she finds out about the ex, she tries to get him to spend a day with her. Ahem. DIVORCE seems to have been the right course of action to take. How could she accept him naming their kid in her memory? I dint find it cute. I found it damn disgusting
3. The ex (Bhoomika) arrives and lo and behold she is hot after spending a few years in austrailia.Frankly i feel her initial curiousity in meeting Surya gives way to relief as she is happy it is Jyotika and not her who is living such a mundane existence. (My interpretation. Yes. I am cynical. Those of you who found it cute, please dont tell me.
4. The baseless Vadivelu's comedy track
5. Sukanya and Santhanam - this time around i am not being sarcastic. Both of them have done a good job in the movie.

I dont understand why people found the movie cute or why it was a hit. Is it in an attempt to justify arranged marriages that celebrate love?  Or is it because we are so starved for romance in our lives that we appreciate it in whatever form it is thrown at us? I can only wonder.

But yeah, the songs - Munbe vaa and New york nagaram are amazing. Period. :)

Kung fu panda 2

In most cases, the second part of the series is never as good as the first. Well, in most. In some cases, it is even better. While you could appreciate and enjoy the philosophy in part 1, part 2 is pure action with of course a little bit of philosophy what with our lovable po trying to find inner peace.

The movie begins with the dragon warrior and his five friends working towards making China a better place to live in. Unfortunately, they have to thwart the plans of an evil peacock who plans to put an end to Kung Fu with a weapon that spews fire. Also in the back ground we have Po's search for identity. Po's father finally admits that he was adopted and Po is affected by a particular symbol. How he reconciles his past and the future of his country forms the rest of the story.

The 3D effects were brilliant. I love Fame lido for the cheap tickets (compared to PVR's overpriced 1k ones it is a god send) and the good seats. The story is flawless and funny. Watch this movie if you liked the first part. In some ways it is much better. In some ways it aint, so it all balances out. :)

Friday, June 03, 2011


Amazing song. I love it. :)