Thursday, June 16, 2011

Black maze

Suddenly, the road i tread,
seems all uphill
the more i push and the more i try
the farther i fall behind
Somewhere somehow
there is a huge disconnect
between what ought to be
and what is

I wonder why it is
that i am the one caught in the endless maze
Where does this road lead
Why am I here
From when am I here
I know not

All i can identify is the despair
that slowly covers
All i can see is the black
the black of sorrow
the black of death
the black of the end
and i slowly surrender to the waves that surround

Isnt it black that observes it all?
Isnt it black that can easily be lost
with a simple white drop?
I just wonder as i realise
nothing cannot be without it being.
nothing can disappear without appearing
I am thankful for all that was
and all that appeared
and somehow accept
that this too
simply has to pass - one way or the other

Nothing can last forever
and neither the black nor the white
can befriend me so easily
once i accept that all is transient.

I just regret my loss of innocence
and ability to enjoy the simple joy of a success
For cynicism somehow wins hands down.

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