Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The bottomless pit

"The cup you choose to fill has no bottom" - i heard this line in a movie very recently. Today while walking, i was looking around at the beautiful greenery around me in a still undisturbed part of the city. Right in the middle of all that was one of those big machines we use for construction and this line flashed in my head.

When are we going to stop? What is that point when we will say we have "developed" enough and concentrate on making this world a greener place to live in? The more i watch some arbit scenes from avatar the more irritated i am with the concrete jungle i live in and the constant bustle of vehicles around. Is there no place serene and unspoilt that is left for us now?

Our greed is but a bottomless pit and nothing we ever get can satisfy that. Nothing we ever achieve is going to be enough. It is all but an illusion of reality. The truth nobody can accept. Just a room more, just a cushion extra - does it give us the peace of mind we are so much in need of? I am a culprit too. I love my luxury more than anything. But once in a while i get thinking and start acting like a wannabe saviour. I console myself with the thought that atleast, i think! :)

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mareechan said...

I was going through your blog, a few things caught my eye.

1. bottomless pit - great post. i love nature. Nice to see like minded people writing abt it.

2. in your sillunu oru kaadhal review, there is a line "yes i am cynical". I believe we all are... but just a few of us admit...