Monday, June 20, 2011

Green Lantern

I love fantasy. I watch and read a lot of fantasy. Somehow I was not aware of the story of the green lantern. When you get down to it, i am ignorant of a lot of things i am not even aware i am ignorant of. :) This movie was another impulsive watch on a saturday night.

The movie begins with a dark force that is destroying a few other alien life forms. The green lantern who protects that sector succumbs to his wounds as he identifies the creature as parralax and lands in a relatively unknown part of the universe - Earth. Our hero, is an airline pilot haunted by images of his dying father, who was a test pilot himself.  As the movie progresses, you watch as the irresponsible hero is given the important responsibility of becoming a green lantern. You watch as he struggles to come in terms with the multiple changes in his life and grows up. The first half was good. I really liked it. But then, all good things dont last and the second half becomes a contrived romantic movie.

I really think the director watched a few tamil movies before directing the second half. Seriously, this is one super hero with too many flaws and a not so great looking girl! The best part about the movie though, is the concept - the struggle between will and fear which is very nicely portrayed.Though i really like Ryan Reynolds a lot, they could have avoided making the movie a one man show. . I was hoping for more action and less of the contrived romance. But overall a decent watch.

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Raji said...

Apart from the romantic line of the story being slip shod and copied from other super hero flicks,the second half was not bad.