Monday, June 06, 2011

Kung fu panda 2

In most cases, the second part of the series is never as good as the first. Well, in most. In some cases, it is even better. While you could appreciate and enjoy the philosophy in part 1, part 2 is pure action with of course a little bit of philosophy what with our lovable po trying to find inner peace.

The movie begins with the dragon warrior and his five friends working towards making China a better place to live in. Unfortunately, they have to thwart the plans of an evil peacock who plans to put an end to Kung Fu with a weapon that spews fire. Also in the back ground we have Po's search for identity. Po's father finally admits that he was adopted and Po is affected by a particular symbol. How he reconciles his past and the future of his country forms the rest of the story.

The 3D effects were brilliant. I love Fame lido for the cheap tickets (compared to PVR's overpriced 1k ones it is a god send) and the good seats. The story is flawless and funny. Watch this movie if you liked the first part. In some ways it is much better. In some ways it aint, so it all balances out. :)

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