Monday, June 20, 2011

Plain contemplation

Sometimes I wonder
What it all boils down to
All this search
All this struggle
All the meanderings
sometimes meaningless
sometimes meaningful
and sometimes so uncategorizeable
for what is sense today
becomes superstition tomorrow
and what is superstition today
once made perfect sense

I can only hope
that make sense my assumptions do
or atleast too much nonsense
they arent
I can only pray
that tomorrow will be
as good as today is
or even if worse
i have the courage
to face the day

I wonder what is more important
the ability to seize the day
or the ability to face
the impact of the day
without being too affected
without the ego
or the hatred
that can so easily rule.


Raji said...

good that you recognize that you play a part in deciding your fate

Sarma said...